Major Contributors To Type 2 Diabetes

1.) High-glycemic diet - especially rapidly digested/absorbed sugars from sweetened beverages, fruit juice, sweetened foods, and those made with refined grains.

2.) Highly-processed foods- decreases availability of minerals such as chromium, biotin, and magnesium, critical for maintaining healthy insulin sensitivity, and increases ingestion of inflammatory chemicals.

3.) Genetics - innate levels of insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity in specific cell types

4.) Oxidative Stress/Toxicity - myriad sources including water, food, air, (for some) stress.

5.) Age- innate insulin resistance increases with age, especially muscle cells

6.) Lack of exercise - reduces insulin receptor sensitivity

7.) Essential fatty acid deficiency - impairs cell membranes and insulin receptor sensitivity

8.) Trans-fatty acids deficiency - (as from food made with hydrogenated oils) - impairs cell membranes and insulin receptor sensitivity and increase oxidative stress.

9.) Beta Blocker - (hypertension) and statin medications - increase blood sugar. In diabetes using insulin therapy, BB's cause longer and more frequent hypoglycemic episodes.

10.) Low energy from hypothyroidism adrenal fatigue, or hormone imbalance can cause greater cravings (emotional and physiological) for refined carb foods and lower metabolism.

The Solution

The long term healing approach is not just to keep putting in more and more toxic levels of insulin. Instead, we have to give our cells ad our pancreas a serious "shocking" break from this deadly cycle.

-Eat whole, natural food that changes what genes we are expressing.

-Reduce the body's overall need for insulin with low-glycemic choices.

-Take supplements to begin to stop cellular insulin resistance.

-Address factors that are exacerbating the diabetes.

Stay Tuned... Next week's blog

The Diet To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

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