Reversing Metabolic Dysfunction

Food Choices for Reversing Metabolic Dysfunction

1. Choose as much organic food as you can find and as you can afford!

2. All the vegetables that you want. Except...

a. Corn is not a vegetable.

b. No white potatoes at all for now .

c. Only one, one-cup serving daily of starchy vegetables daily (e.g. sweet potato, winter

squash, carrots, or beets)

3. High-quality (wild, grass-fed, organic) protein at every breakfast and lunch

(optional for dinner)


At least 15g at breakfast.

a. Eggs, chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, venison, sardines, salmon, shrimp.... Minimize

processed meats.

b. No tuna or swordfish. No conventionally-raised beef. No pork.

c. Legumes e.g. black beans, lentils, unsweetened peanut butter.

d. Tempeh (gluten-free) is also a good vegetarian option.

e. High quality Rice -, Hemp -, or Soy-based (non GMO) protein powder

4. Nuts and Seeds

5. Cold-pressed olive oil and coconut oil. And small amounts of ghee and pressed sesame,

walnut, avocado, and grape seed oils


6. Whole grains (intact, not flour): one-half cup cooked daily

at most. e.g. quinoa, brown rice, GF oats, corn, millet, amaranth, buckwheat.

7. Fresh or frozen fruit:

One piece (or up to one cup) daily – or two servings daily if both are

berries . Lemons and limes are unlimited.

8. ONE OR TWO SMALL squares of organic, dairy-free dark chocolate daily (75% cacao or more)

a. Only if it doesn’t make it harder for you to stay away from other sweets/sugar.

9.Be well hydrated! Water, herbal tea, 1 -2 cups green tea/day. One cup of coffee in the morning.

10. Make foods delicious to you! Liberal use of unsweetened, natural

flavorings, spices, and sauce ingredients (e.g. herbs, spices, vinegar, miso, tahini, ground flaxseed or chia seeds, mustards (no sugar), gluten-free soy sauce, lemons, limes)

11. Small amounts of stevia or xylitol to wean your need for sweetener.

Use 1st two weeks at most.

12. Eliminate what is holding you back! Specifically, this includes all other

sugars and sweeteners, any type of flour, all dairy foods, all foods containing gluten, alcohol, and processed foods from boxes, bags, cans, and cartons (whole food choices e.g. frozen fruit, frozen vegetables/fish, canned beans with no additives are good exceptions). Remember: a moderate reduction vs. elimination may prevent you from making solid progress.

Next Week: Could Supplements help?

GET -- 7 Day Low Glycemic Meal Plan Plus Grocery List

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